HealthBox is a customized meal program by a nutritionist based on your individual needs.


  • Our meals & products

  • Sourcing and ingredients

  • Environment & recycling


All of our meals and products are designed and prepared with your goals and outcomes in mind. Whether its to help you lose those few extra pounds or to keep you sharp and focused at work, our food takes the time, effort and uncertainty out of maintaining a healthy diet.

Often when we are busy we tend to eat what is convenient and easy and all too many times we are uncertain about which foods are actually good for us and which ingredients in particular can help our special needs. Our meals are designed by a nutritionist and prepared by a team who take all care to deliver you fresh, tasty and quality meals in the right quantities that will give you the confidence that what you are eating is good for you.
We take the uncertainty and effort out of eating healthy.

HealthBox's approach is freshly sourced ingredients where we take all possible efforts to maintain a quality supply of the freshest and best local produce from markets so to insure the least processed and treated food. Where we do use organic or "specially sourced" ingredients we will let you know but for now our promise is to bring you the best possible produce that our team can find taking special care to wash, prepare & cook in a way that enhances the nutritional value of everything we offer.

Sourcing organic ingredients in Thailand is incredibly expensive and limiting in terms of recipes while guaranteeing organic practices is a leap of faith that in many cases we are not prepared to make to our clients (in good faith)

We will sometimes include pre-packaged products from other suppliers and you can rest assured that with so many products in the marketplace that claim to have health benefits, healthbox only uses those that our nutritionist endorses as being credible and meets the standards we have for our own produce. We believe that so many products out there do not deliver on the promises that they make to consumers and we would like to help our clients identify the very few that we can guarantee.


HealthBox is not perfect but we are trying!

We will continue to help save the environment through our business practices and recycling is a big part of that. We use biodegradable and recycled packaging where we can and have committed to continually review how we more efficiently cut our impact.

HealthBox is currently working on various options to reduce our footprint. Watch this space for returnable dishes & packaging as an option in the near future.